Dan's Drives

Don't just get there.

There is a lot more to a road trip than just arriving at your destination. In fact, for me, the space between is why I go. The roads, the views along the way, the people I meet on my adventures, that's where the real story is. I've hiked Angel's Landing, I've seen the Grand Canyon, I've walked on the glaciers in Jasper, I've seen Old Faithful erupt, but none of it compared to an empty highway between Torrey and Bryce, UT in my GTR. None of it compared to Hells Canyon East between Baker City and Cambridge, ID in my Z06. None of it compared to the stories I gathered while sharing a campsite in Moab, UT with a father and son riding KTMs from North Carolina while I was camping out of my Z06. Life's too short to not embrace the joy that can be found in the spaces between. Don't just get there. 

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