I get a lot of questions about what gear I bring on my trips so I decided to put together a detailed page on what I have and why I have it here. At the time of writing this (July, 2018), I am not sponsored by any vendors for any items on this page. I have paid out of pocket for everything here and it is here because I believe it's worth having. 


600A Portable Jump starter - $65

This has saved me once, but it has saved others dozens of times and I consider it a "must have" in your car for road tripper. I have this exact model, but there are dozens of other that are all practically the same. The main things to look out for are a minimum rating of 600A, which is enough to start just about anything (including a V12 Lamborghini) and a decent case. Yes, the case is as important as the starter. You need something that is compact and carries all your accessories neatly so you don't have stuff sliding all over. 


Gloveworks HD Nitrile Gloves - $15

DISCLAIMER: I AM SPONSORED BY AMMEX - GLOVEWORKS NOW, BUT I HAVE BEEN USING THESE FOR YEARS BEFORE SPONSORSHIP. You need gloves in your car; it's not really a matter of maybe. From fixing your car to the unfortunate possibility of being the first to arrive at an accident, gloves are a must have and these are the best gloves I've ever used at a great price. 


sprayway glass cleaner - $11

Yep, glass cleaner is important enough to have it's own spot on this list. Sprayway has been my go-to for probably 20 years now and I still swear by it. Available at Costco for $10 or $11, or conveniently on Amazon but not Prime for some reason.