No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Tavern - Every bit as great as it looks. 

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

  1. Scenic Short Unpaved: Via 12 and NF-68900 
  2. Paved: Via 101
  3. Scenic Long: Seattle Ferry - Alderbrook 

Departure Time:

  1. Route 1 or 2: 10:00 
  2. Route 3: 07:00

Car Checklist:

Good tires if taking option 1, but services are plentiful along this trip. 

Dan's Notes

True story, I found out about this place while talking to a guy who was drunk out of his mind who just got out of prison while at Nitro Circus. He kept rambling about this awesome dive bar he found in the middle of nowhere with a spittoon in the floor until his friend passed out and puked all over the floor and they had to leave. Turns out, he was right about the bar! This place is great! It's Washington's most remote bar, but not actually that far away from the Seattle area. The food is limited to Totino's Pizzas from a toaster oven, skillet fried burgers, and hot dogs.. or chili dogs if you want them to crack open a can of Nalley Chili. It's beer and wine only, with only Coors Light on tap, but the most expensive beer in the place is $4, most are $3. There's porn used for wallpaper in both bathrooms, a spittoon indeed does run through the floor (but you're told not to piss in it), and it's an SJW's worst nightmare. It's the best dive bar I've found to date. I've posted 3 different ways to get there as I think it's worth knowing your options. 

The Drive:

Route 1: The scenic, short, and unpaved route.

This is the route my friends and I took on our way down, which is the most direct route, but about 20 miles or so is unpaved. The road is in fair condition for being gravel and a friend in a low Focus RS had no trouble with it, but I don't recommend it for anyone with an extremely low car. It's doable in any other standard car and a beautiful drive with rewarding curves.

Departing the Seattle area, head south on 5 until you hit exit 99 and head left to the Pilot Fuel Stop and McDonald's. This is an optional stop, but I recommend getting out to stretch your legs here, fuel up, and get some snacks if you need it. My nephew Andrew works at McDonald's there - tell him hello for me if you swing by. Instead of getting back on I-5 south, head back over the overpass and get onto Littlerock Rd SW. It's an easy little drive and better than more miles on the interstate. You'll wind through some small towns and eventually find yourself on Garrard Creek Rd / NF-6880/6890. This road would be an absolute blast in a sports car until you hit the gravel section. The gravel section offers some beautiful views of Capitol Forrest, but could be very treacherous after a few beers at the Tavern. We saw an Accord that missed a curve and ended up down a 30 foot embankment about half way through. You'll stay on this road until you arrive at the Brooklyn Tavern on your right. 

Route 2: Paved the Whole Way, Supercar Friendly

Instead of making your way down to exit 99, you basically just follow the signs to get to 101. The Brooklyn Tavern is just 18 miles east of 101, off N River / Brooklyn Road. This road is a blast to drive with sparse housing, great corners, and scenic views. I took this way back from the Tavern and was surprised it was only about 15 minutes longer than the more direct, scenic route that included the gravel section. Doing the route again I'd probably take this route just to take the Corvette on the more fun section of the road. At only 124 miles, I didn't include any stops on this route since it's a simple drive with plenty of fuel and convenience stops along the way. 

Route 3: The Long (Best) Way

This best way to get anywhere is the long way. This route will make a whole day of the event, get you on a ferry, and get a great breakfast in (reservations via OpenTable recommended). Start the day by heading to the Seattle Ferry Terminal. Ferry times can vary, so check here before you go. You'll arrive in Bremerton and make your way down to the popular Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, WA. Highway 106 to Alderbrook is a gorgeous drive, but don't be in too much of a hurry. You'll be going through tight roads with beachfront houses and police who like to sit in the parks and wait for you. Arrive at the Alderbrook and have one of the best breakfasts around, with Chicken Fried Steak to die for or the amazing French Toast. Take a walk out to the dock and admire the beauty of Hood Canal before departing. If you've got a partner who wants a spa day, this is a great destination. They offer a discount for most tech employees in the area too! If you want, you could go back home this way and stay the night, but since the food at Brooklyn is extremely basic, you might want to get a good meal in here first. 

After you've had your fill of amazing food, it's time to get some cheap beer and food at The Brooklyn. Head on down to 101 south and enjoy the empty roads between, but remember, the Washington State Patrol training ground is in Shelton and they love patrolling 101. Take it easy until the turn off to N River Rd to Brooklyn Tavern (on the left).