The Driver's Date Night

Snoqualmie Falls


Departure Time: 17:00 - Sat-Sun, 19:00 - Mon-Fri

Car Checklist:

  • Full tank of fuel

  • A warm jacket (in case you want to look at the falls after dark)

Dan's Notes:

UPDATE FOR 2019! Follow The Salish Lodge Valet on IG and send them a message to let them know you’re coming. Bring $20 cash for their tip, yes, it will be worth it. Tell them I sent you!

Make sure you're ready for this drive - It's date night, so don't be lazy! Get flowers. Get cash for the valet. Make sure the car is clean. Make sure you have a full tank. Dress up a little. Iron your damn shirt. Pre-order champagne. Treat him/her right and actually put a little effort in for once. Make this fun! 

While I feel like this goes without saying, don't make reservations at Salish a normal date night. You don't want special to become normal. If you do want to make it a special night and make reservations, ask for the private booth in the dining room and make sure you plan at least 2 weeks out. If you want to just make this a fun drive and date night, take your date to The Attic, located above the normal restaurant where you don't need reservations. Once there, ask the host if you can go to the balcony in the conference room for a few minutes. You're welcome. 

The Drive: 

You don't really want a date night to be a several hour drive. Don't worry, I have a date day drive too! This drive is best suited for a Sunday evening due to traffic, so keep that in mind. If you're going on a weekday, leave the Eastside around 7 to avoid most of the traffic, but check it ahead of time on Google Maps or Waze. 

Most people take 202 out of Redmond, but it's full of stop lights and traffic. Head farther east down Novelty Hill to Snoqualmie Valley Road, and then take the right onto Ames Lake Road - this is where the fun starts. You'll get some good twists and elevation changes in and some great adrenaline. Merge onto 202, but only for a few miles before taking the sharp left onto Tolt Hill road. Be careful here as this road can bite you like Highbridge if you're not prepared. Head east to 203 and follow it up back to 202 where you'll fall in line with the curves right up to Salish Lodge on the right. 

Make sure you tip the Valet ahead of time to get better parking and you're all set. Enjoy your date night. Make sure to wash your hands from the sweat on your palms you built up on the drive.  

Note: Embedded maps don't always keep the proper set of driving directions. Use the link in the title for the proper map.

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