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The Driver's Date Night

A long time ago in a lifetime far away I planned date nights. Not just for me, but for a lot of people. I even got paid for it sometimes. So why does date night have to exclude drivers? If under your qualifications for finding your perfect match includes heal-toe shifting, rev-matched downshifts, and trail braking (like all good dates should be able to do) then this is the night for you.

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The North End Tour

La Conner, Chuckanut, Fairhaven, Lake Whatcom, and everything inbetween. This comfortable day drive will take you over to the quiet town of La Conner, up the famous Chuckanut Drive into Fairhaven, around Lake Whatcom, and down the twisty fun of Highway 9. Though not the quickest drive due to traffic, you’ll have a great time exploring as you drive and I’ve planned a few great stops to keep things tasty and interesting. 

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